koh phangan full moon party

Koh Phangan Full Moon Party

koh phangan full moon partyIf you are party animal and would like to party off your holiday in high spirits, then you cannot miss on the Koh Phangan Island situated in the Gulf of Thailand. It is the ideal destination for backpackers because of the huge full moon party it hosts every fortnight

History of the Koh Phangan Island

History of the Koh Phangan IslandKoh Phangan is located in Thailand in the province of Surat Thani. It is a relatively small island surrounded by two others known as Koh Samui and Koh Tao. Koh Phangan is famous for the grand view of the Full Moon it presents every fortnight. In the past it was also believed that the moon appeared biggest in Koh Phangan. There are even descriptions of Koh Phangan in Alex Garland’s novel The Beach.

Koh Phangan was actually found by a group of tourists and they were fascinated by the magnificent view of the moon it presented. It was then that they arranged a party on the beach of Haad Rin, lit by the moonlight and small camp-fires. The party was such a great success that it continued pulling tourists from far and wide to visit this party and experience the magic of the moon there.

Exploring Koh Phangan

Exploring Koh PhanganKoh Phangan is a relatively small island which you can tour on rented mopeds. You will surely enjoy the greenery and magnificent views of this island. You can also go for long walks on the beach.

Full Moon Party at Koh Phangan

Full Moon Party at Koh PhanganSince the Full Moon Party is only hosted on the night of the full moon, you should inquire about the date of the party before commencement. Once you are there you will not find Koh Phangan in its silent state anymore. Every fortnight around 10,000 to 30,000 people gather on the beach of Koh Phangan in a total party mood to rejoice and experience the magic of the Full Moon night.

At dusk as the moon begins to appear in the evening sky and so do the tourists from all around the world start to come in huge numbers along the beach where party arrangements are made beforehand.

The beach is lit up with numerous lamps. Tables are lined up on the sand. Colorful arrangements can be seen everywhere.  Huge speakers and turn-tables are set up. As the evening proceeds and the moon gains its splendor, the beach turns into some open air disco, where disc jockeys take turns at the turn-tables and play foot-tapping numbers for the crowd. Nobody is disappointed as far as the music is concerned. From trance to reggae to techno, there’s something for everyone and it is seen as the crowd starts to sway and dance with unified spirit of fun and merriment.

Full Moon Party at Koh PhanganAs the night proceeds there comes more excitement as shows from professional jugglers and fire-eaters are brought up to keep the crowd entertained. There is even a fireworks show which is a must watch. The magnificent view of the fireworks exploding in the night sky with the full moon so near to you in the sky, is just tantalizing.

In the course of evening you might want to chill about or have some food. You can gorge on the delicacies sold by the beach traders and then grab a drink as you sit on the tables by the beach seeing everyone partying around you.

Altogether it is an experience which cannot be missed at any cost. 

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Hotels & Resorts in Koh Phangan, Thailand

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Coconut Beach & Garden Bungalows Haad Khom Bay 9 USD Excluded Booking
Royal Orchid Resort Maehaad Beach 9 USD Excluded Booking
Haad Khuad Resort Haad Khuad 10 USD Exclude Booking
Smile Beach Resort Salad Beach 10 USD Excluded Booking
Central Cottage Thong Nai Pan Yai 12 USD Include Booking
Fieldparadise Village Ban Tai Beach 12 USD Excluded Booking
Dragon Hut Resort Haad Gruad 12 USD Excluded Booking
J.S. Hut Resort Than Sadet Beach 12 USD Excluded Booking
Mai Pen Rai Bungalows Than Sadet Beach 12 USD Excluded Booking
Hinkong Resort Hin Kong 13 USD Include Booking
Coco Garden Bungalows Ban Tai Beach 13 USD Excluded Booking
Ocean View Beach Resort Haad Khom Bay 13 USD Excluded Booking
Buakao Inn Thong Sala 15 USD Excluded Booking
Baan Panburi Village Thong Nai Pan Noi 15 USD Excluded Booking
My Phangan Resort Ban Tai Beach 15 USD Excluded Booking
Haad Tian Beach Resort Haad Tian Beach 15 USD Excluded Booking
Loyfa Bungalow Srithanu Beach 15 USD Exclude Booking
Thongtapan Resort Thong Nai Pan Noi 15 USD Excluded Booking
Lucky Resort Laem Tathong In Bay 16 USD Excluded Booking
Delight Resort Haad Rin Beach 18 USD Include Booking
Fantasea Resort Chaloklum Bay 18 USD Excluded Booking
Seaboard Bungalows Haad Yao Beach 18 USD Excluded Booking
Dreamland Resort Thong Nai Pan Yai 18 USD Excluded Booking
Phangan Beach Resort Ban Tai Beach 21 USD Excluded Booking
Drop In Club Resort & Spa Haad Rin Nok Hill 21 USD Included Booking
Malibu Beach Bungalows Chaloklum Bay 24 USD Include Booking
Amstardam Bar and Stone Hill Resort Plaay Laem Hill 24 USD Excluded Booking
Golden Hill Resort Thong Sala 24 USD Exclude Booking
Pha Ngan Chai Hotel Thong Sala 24 USD Excluded Booking
Sarikantang Resort and Spa Seekantang Beach 27 USD Excluded Booking
Long Bay Resort Haad Yao Beach 28 USD Include Booking
Haad Yao Villa Haad Yao Beach 29 USD Include Booking
Cookies Salad Resort Salad Beach 30 USD Include Booking
Blue Hill Resort Haad Rin Nai Beach 30 USD Include Booking
Phangan Utopia Resort Haad Thong Lang Hill 30 USD Include Booking
Blue Ocean Garden Beach Resort Haad Chao Phao Beach 30 USD Exclude Booking
Chills Resort Srithanu Beach 30 USD Excluded Booking
Grand Sea Resort Thong Sala 30 USD Excluded Booking
First Villa Ban Tai Beach 36 USD Included Booking
Pha-Ngan Cabana Resort Haad Chao Phao Beach 36 USD Include Booking
Baan Haad Yao Villas & Guest House Haad Yao Beach 36 USD Include Booking
Salad Hut Salad Beach 36 USD Include Booking
Pimolsuph House Ban Tai Beach 36 USD Excluded Booking
Rungarun Resort Ban Tai Beach 36 USD Excluded Booking
The Garden Lodge Ban Tai Beach 36 USD Excluded Booking
Lunar Garden Home Salad Beach 36 USD Excluded Booking
Sabai Beach Resort Plaay Laem Beach 37 USD Included Booking
Vimarn Samut Resort Haad Rin Nai Beach 37 USD Include Booking
Salad Beach Resort Salad Beach 39 USD Include Booking
Asia Bungalows Salad Beach 39 USD Exclude Booking
Milky Bay Resort Ban Tai Beach 42 USD Include Booking
Haad Son Resort Haad Son Bay 43 USD Include Booking
Haad Yao Bayview Resort Haad Yao Beach 43 USD Include Booking
Phangan Orchid Resort Bankai Beach 45 USD Include Booking
Al Colosseo Palace Haad Rin 45 USD Excluded Booking
Phuwadee Resort Thong Nai Pan Noi 46 USD Include Booking
Morning Star Resort Ban Tai Beach 48 USD Include Booking
See Through Boutique Resort Haad Yao Beach 48 USD Included Booking
Haadlad Prestige Resort & Spa Salad Beach 49 USD Include Booking
Palita Lodge Haad Rin Beach 54 USD Include Booking
Chaloklum Bay Resort Chaloklum Bay 54 USD Included Booking
Havana Beach Resort Thong Nai Pan Yai 55 USD Include Booking
Neptunes Villa Haad Rin Beach 60 USD Include Booking
Mandalai Hotel Chaloklum Bay 60 USD Include Booking
Phanganburi Resort & Spa Haad Rin Nai Beach 63 USD Include Booking
Cocohut Village Beach Resort & Spa Seekantang Beach 66 USD Include Booking
Phangan Paragon Resort & Spa Chao Phao Bay 67 USD Include Booking
Green Papaya Resort Salad Beach 72 USD Include Booking
Centara Pariya Haad Yuan Haad Yuan Beach 73 USD Included Booking
Candle Hut Resort Thong Nai Pan Yai 73 USD Include Booking
Salad Buri Resort & Spa Salad Beach 96 USD Include Booking
Panviman Resort Koh Phangan Thong Nai Pan Noi 102 USD Included Booking
Awe Resort Ban Tai Beach 138 USD Excluded Booking
Santhiya Resort and Spa Thong Nai Pan Noi 139 USD Include Booking
Rasananda Resort Thong Nai Pan Noi 192 USD Include Booking
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