Mind Over Matter Sukhothai Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide Mind Over Matter Sukhothai

Mind Over Matter Sukhothai Thailand Travel GuideOverlooking some of the rudimentary principals of trekking _ clip overgrown toe nails, wear sturdy footware _ going up Khao Luang was definitely no soft adventure.The terrain is treacherous and sneaky. And just when the path levels out to allow a sigh of relief at how easy the walk has got, up pops a sudden, steeper slope than ever. However trekking along Khao Luang's mountain range can be both a fulfilling and adrenaline pumping experience. After walking for a couple of hundred of metres, we bumped into boy and girl scouts who were on the mountain as a field trip.Their task for the day was to climb to the top of the mountain, and while we were looking forwards to spending the night there, they would be descending after just a couple of hours of reaching it.

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Northern Whitewater Thrills Nan Thailand Travel Guide

Northern Whitewater Thrills Nan Thailand Travel Guide Instead of being pumped, I actually felt scared and nervous while I watched a video clip of a kayaking group skilfully negotiating the Nam Wah white water rapids, one after another. This was my preview of what I was supposed to do on an early morning. It just made goosebumps. After freshening up from the shallow napping on the bus, each of us is given a long dry polyurethane bag in which we can store and carry dry clothes and necessities for the trip of two days and one night. Then we have a quick breakfast.

Peace and Quiet Lampang Thailand Travel Guide

Peace and Quiet Lampang Thailand Travel GuideThe second biggest province in the northern region, Lampang has every feature and advantage of the city, but it is neither as crowded nor overly commercialised as its better known counterpart. Meanwhile, its beautiful Lanna architecture and history are seen everywhere. In fact, the city of Lampang is not a really place for true city people. But if you like something cosy and more peaceful than a bustling metropolis, this compact town is where you can enjoy and observer the slower pace of life. The historic part and city is centered around Talad Kao road. If you drive, try best to understand the one-way traffic system that might confuse newcomers.

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