Reinventing Tarutao Satun Thailand Travel Guide
Thailand Travel Guide Reinventing Tarutao Satun

Reinventing Tarutao Satun Thailand Travel GuideThe island of Tarutao, Thailand's first marine park, is an hour's ride by speed boat or 22 kilometres from Pak Bara pier in Satun. Rising majestically in the Andaman Sea, the park covers an area of 1,490 square kilometres and has 51 smaller islands in its neighbourhood. Bordering Malaysian waters, Ko Tarutao is scenic, endowed with mountains and rich natural beauty, albeit a notorious history. The best place to start exploring its place in history is the park's headquarters which also provides lodges for visiting tourists. Remains of the prison can be seen at Ao Talo Udang Bay on the southern part of the island and Talo Wow to its east. Visitors arriving at Phantay Malacca pier need to hire a boat from the park office to get to Talo Wow.

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Samui's Sister Island Begs for Attention Surat Thani Thailand Travel Guide

Samui's Sister Island Begs for Attention Surat Thani Thailand Travel GuideKo Taen in Surat Thani was recently declared an environmental friendly island. Ko Taen is three kilometres south of the more famous Samui Island and it is being touted as a new tourist attraction. The eastern part of Ko Taen has a long beach and the sea around it is rich in coral reef, while its western coast boasts a mangrove forest. Some eighteen families live on the island, but strangely there are no dogs. It is because they can't survive there. Reasons are many. Locals believe the guardian sprit of the island does not like dogs. But scientific evidence suggests that the island is in the path of invisible high-enegy waves emanating from mysterious sources that dogs can't bear. Ko Taen has four nature study trials and there are beautiful islands in its vicinity. It is 30 minutes by boat from Ao Thongkrud on Samui Island.

Weekend on Ko Chang Thailand Travel Guide

Weekend on Ko Chang Thailand Travel GuideWeekend on Ko Chang Snorkelling, feeding fish and swimming with them make for a memorable holiday experience. Ko Chang is second to Phuket in size. It is approximately 30 kilometres long and 14 kilometres wide. Numerous beaches and coves line its west coast. My favourite beach is Khlong Phrao as it is more peaceful and less developed. It has an emerald-coloured stream running down the mountains. The stream splits at a certain point dividing the beach into two sections. These days new resorts, both luxurious and simple, are rising fast to cope with the rise in number of visitors travelling to Ko Chang.

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